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Merrakesh - (or Merrakech) Morocco, AFRICA

Updated: May 5, 2023

The Souks in the Madina were full of activity.

Marrakech is a city located in central Morocco at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.. Marrakech is nicknamed "the red city" or the "ochre city" in reference to the red color of a large part of its buildings and houses. Marrakech and its urban area have population of about one million. By population, the city is the third largest agglomeration in the country, on par with its historical rival, Fez, behind Casablanca and Rabat. Imperial city, in the same way as Meknes, Fez and Rabat, Marrakech was the capital of Morocco for nearly 350 years, under the dynasties Almoravid (xith – XII th centuries), Almohad (xii th – xiii th centuries), Saadian (xvi th – xviith centuries) dynasties centuries), as well as during the reign of Mohammed ben Abdallah of the current Alawite dynasty (reigning from 1757 to 1790).

Marrakech is home to a vast medina of 600 hectares, the most populated in North Africa, and classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Thanks to the vitality of its 900-year-old medina, world-class hotel infrastructure and sunny climate, Marrakech has established itself as the undisputed capital of tourism in Morocco.

The markets were busy. And lots of bikes and scooters zooming by to make walking interesting.

The souks were very busy. Motor bikes zoomed by regularly skimming by all the people.

Lovely fabrics and weavings.

At our Riad.

A one man stand (musician).

This video cost a few Durham's. Watch to the end as the two dudes come over to collect because I was taking video of their Cobras.

Cheers to another great day of adventure.

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