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Leg 25 - Alvor

The entrance to Alvor is a well protected harbour of sand spits that appear and disappear as the tides ebb and flow. The first starboard channel marker is not correctly positioned which we read about before entering so we were ok. We visited Alvor initially in June and then back with Mark, Michelle & Erin in July, Elaine & Duncan early August, and Sarah and Cathie mid August. Always a fun time exploring the city and beach surrounded with amazing limestone cliffs and caves. This is our favorite beach in the Algarve.

Alvor was founded in 436 B.C. by the Carthaginian General Aníbal Barca as a commercial port, which he named Portus Hannibalis. The settlement grew around the sea, near the place called Vila Velha, where a Celtic castro dominated the river mouth during the Iron Age. It is likely that it was the Roman colony of Ipses, which was authorized to mint currency, and was absorbed during the Roman era.

Taken by the Moors in 716, the settlement began to be referred to as Albur, and gained an impressive castle, with only vestiges remaining.

A traditional Portuguese fishing sailboat.

At anchor in the harbour.

It would have been a long day living on the lean because you did not take into account that the tide was going down and you were not in deep enough water.

Amazing sunsets.

Alvor is the kite-boarding mecca in the Algarve. Michelle counted 76 kites all going at once.

Smug Druggler ride into town. Timelapse video complements of Sarah.

Welcome statute to the town of Alvor. Only 6,300 people live here but it is a busy spot for tourists with several hotels lining the long beach.

Late July

August 1st. Most of Europe takes August off so everything was crowded.

More washer sculptures.

Amazing how much life like detail this artist achieved.

Low tide with some more beached boats. Mostly multi-hulls which are fine to beach as long as it is bow first.

Igreja do divino Salvador - Alvor

Nice traditional church with lots of gold.

Amazing limestone cliffs and caves at the end of Praia da Prainha.

Mark, Michelle and Erin on the beach walk.

Elaine and Duncan

Panoramic view of the coastline.

Cathie and Sarah.

A yummy meal out with the Desborough crew.

Elaine and Duncan join us for a few days traveling the coastline.

Elaine is a natural for sailing. First time helming a boat.

Spectacular sunsets from all angles.

July 31st - our 7th year anniversary dinner.

Salude! Thank you for following our adventures.

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