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Season 3 - Greece & Turkey sounds like great places to visit this year.

With 45NORTH finishing up her wintering in Malta, our 2024 adventures will take us to Greece and Turkey. We arrive back in Valetta, Malta on April 23rd.

Leg 1 - Syracuse Sicily (Italy) - 80NM

Leg 2 - Porto delle Grazie- Marina di Roccella - 95NM

Leg 3 - Velico Crotone - 65NM


With 6,000 islands and islets, Greece has beautiful scenery all around that makes it a highlight of season 3. The Ionian, Sporades, Cyclades, and Dodecanese Islands are bucket list-worthy destinations. Crete, Thassos, and Evia are other locations we will try to see if we have enough visa time.

There are roughly 227 out of the 6,000 islands that are inhabited. So we are in for a good mix of places that have been developed or untouched.

Leg 4 - Corfu Greece - 110NM

Corfu or Kerkyra is a Greek island in the Ionian Sea, of the Ionian Islands, and, including its small satellite islands, forms the margin of the northwestern frontier of Greece.

Leg 5 - Lakka Paxos - 25NM

The anchorage of Lakka, in the north of the island of Paxos, Greece, is very popular

Leg 6 - Island of Anti-Paxos - 8NM

Leg 7 - Island of Lefkada - 28NM

Leg 8 - Island of Kefalonia - 28NM

Leg 8.1 - Poros in the Saronic Gulf - 30NM

Poros is one of Greece's under-the-radar islands that rewards you with quiet beaches, old-world charm and an authentic summer holiday.

Leg 8.5 - Kyllini, Peloponnese - 17NM to the Pickup Spot for Jenna and Danielle

A few km's from the port is the picturesque village Kastro, with the Frankish fortress of Chlemoutsi,

Leg 9 - Zakynthos (ship wreck bay) - 13NM

Leg 9.1 - Mikro Gianniskari 30NM

Leg 10 - Nafpaktos, Gulf of Corinth - 27NM

Leg 10.1 - Aigio Aiyio 15 NM

Leg 11 - Corinth Canal - 40NM

The Corinth Canal (Greek: Διώρυγα της Κορίνθου) is an artificial canal in Greece that connects the Gulf of Corinth in the Ionian Sea with the Saronic Gulf in the Aegean Sea. It cuts through the narrow Isthmus of Corinth and separates the Peloponnese from the Greek mainland, making the peninsula an island. The canal was dug through the Isthmus at sea level and has no locks. It is 6.4 kilometres (4 miles) in length and only 24.6 metres (80.7 feet) wide at sea level, making it impassable for many modern ships.

Leg 12 - Athens the capital of Greece (we will skip this stop and come back later)

Athens is the capital of Greece. It was also at the heart of Ancient Greece, a powerful civilization and empire. The city is still dominated by 5th-century BC landmarks, including the Acropolis, a hilltop citadel topped with ancient buildings like the colonnaded Parthenon temple.

Welcome to the Cyclades

The Cyclades is a group of Greek islands, southeast of the mainland in the Aegean Sea. It centers on uninhabited Delos, considered the birthplace of Apollo, and home to some of Greece’s most important archaeological ruins. Many of the islands are popular holiday destinations, known for their beaches, ancient sites, rugged landscapes and traditional blue-and-white stucco towns overlooking the sea.

Leg 13 - Poros 30 NM (from Corinth Canal)

Leg 14 - Kithnos 45NM

Leg 15 - Syros 25NM

Leg 16 - Mykonos 25NM

Leg 17 - Naxos 15NM

The temple of Apollo

Leg 18 - Paros 15NM

Leg 19 - Sifnos 20NM

They call Sifnos the Island of Gastronomy.....

Leg 20 - Milos 20NM

Leg 21 - Karavostasis 33NM

Leg 22 - Sikinos 7NM

Leg 23 - Chora 8NM

Leg 24 - Santorini 21NM

Stay tuned for the Turkey itinerary

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