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S2 Leg 9 - Island of Ibiza (Part 1 of 2 - The Cala's)

Ibiza (pronounced I-betha) is a well known "party island" and is one of the five main inhabited islands of the Spanish Balearics.

Heading to Cala d'Hort with a detour through these two stunning rock islands.

There is a bay in the middle of the shorter island (Isla de es Vedranell) that was pretty cool to enter into.

View from inside the bay on the small island looking out to the taller island (Isla de es Vedra). The island, which is 413 metres tall, is part of the Cala d’Hort nature reserve and lies 1.5 miles off the coast at Cala d’Hort,

Definitely a great beach day with a cool view.

A few hours sail further up the coast, we arrived in Sant Antoni. The original location for dance-party bar Cafe Del Mar. The bar opened in 1980 to play chillout music to accompany the sunsets,

Aquarium Cap Blanc. Unique exhibition showcasing aquatic life, including fish & sea sponges, in an underground cavern.

The aquarium houses all local fish (groupers, rays, breams, etc.) and smaller specimens (serrans, wrasses, scorpionfish, etc.) can be observed in some adapted tanks distributed throughout the cave.

Beera Heera!

Solo dude.....

Final night in Sant Antoni. This cool sunset picture was taken by Kirsty off Let Go Lets Go. Tomorrow we are off to Cala Tarida.

Janine checking out our anchor to ensure it hit the sands not rocks or Posidonia Oceanica grass which is a protected ocean species and if you drop anchor on it you face fines.

From our DJI Mini 3 drone. Pretty cool to see the boat shadow on the ocean bottom. Love the crystal clear turquoise waters in these islands.

A twenty minute walk from the beach we found some interesting works of contemporary art. "The Doors"!

"The Pillars"!

"The views"!

"Our Home"!

View from the cliff side at the end of our hike. Hey wait - where is Let Go Lets Go???

We get a call from Jon saying that their anchor got fouled on a rock as the boats all day were being circled with the changing wind directions and they came very close to hitting other boats so he dove the anchor and Kirsty drove the boat around to help get their chain off the rock. When he got everything sorted out another boat had come in and taken his spot so they are heading back to Cala D'Hort.

We set sail when we got back to the boat to have an awesome Code-D run down the coast to join back up with Let Go Lets Go.

Janine helmed the entire way and I played foredeck crew.

Final night on our Cala excursion of Ibiza. Tomorrow we sail to old town Evissa. Thanks Kirsty for an awesome picture.

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Jun 11, 2023

I saw some of these pictures a few days ago but now they are here plus many others. What happened to the majoriity the first time I looked at them? This has been a beautiful day. This afternoon I went for a walk near this building.

This morning, your mother and I went downstairs at the church after the morning service.. We did the same last week, even though there were only about a dozen parishioners there again.. Don't know why she wanted to do things differently because, previously, we went home immediately after even though sometimes, interesting things were going on that I would loved to have participated in even though I didn't say anything. Today, we…


Jun 10, 2023

Too bad Joh had difficulty. Thank God it turned out all right. Glad all continues well with you. Good to see your pictures and comments. Glad to be able to chat with you yesterday. Shirley and I went to see Ruth Ann and family's new kittens. Saw them, Stacey and Lindsey. Came home after that, rested, I guess and later went to Sobey's DTV after supper and watched part of a movie about a woman who, I think, swam from one sail boat to another and, I think, saved a man. It is getting a little late and I want to go to bed and read. Church tomorrow.


Aunt Frances

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