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S2 Leg 6 - Cartagena Spain (20 hour sail)

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

After quite a bit of sail planning we set off to Caragena at noon on May 14 and arriving at 0800 on May 15th. The latest forecast matched the weather we had. The day started off with a downwind white sail run along the Southern coast of Spain until we were past the point and could gybe over to work our way up the coastline. Figuring out when and where to gibe was done collaboratively with our buddy boat Let Go Let's Go and Jon. We continued to gybe our way up the coast making long distance tracks. Winds were a consistent 10-15kts in a meter of waves. A little lumpy at times but not too bad.

Let Go Let's Go - In hot pursuit..... Jon quietly passed us in the night at 2231hrs.

Jon and Kirsty's boat is a French designed and built Nautitech 40 Open. It is a performance cruiser with dual helms on the sterns. The Open 40 has been designed for lovers of sailing and good life. This luxury catamaran combines sailing sensations and absolute comfort on board, so that you never have to choose between the two. Whether you are an experienced skipper or a beginner cruiser, the Open 40 will take you and your family on a journey of discovery at sea. Beautiful moments of sharing on the horizon.

Sunset pic at 2100hrs.

Putting in gybes along the coast - our position as of 2254hrs May 14th

Sunrise pic at 0704hrs May 15th. A perfect time to be entering the port and one of the key reasons we left at noon time the day before.

Castle of Galeras at the entrance of the harbour.

The roots on this tree was amazing.

The old bull fighting ring.

And a view of the bull ring from above. The viewing platform did not look like it would have held that many people.

Teatro Romano de Cartagena in the background. It is a restored ancient Roman amphitheater with a museum featuring artifacts found by archeologists. Teatro Romano de Cartagena. The plot thickens. In the thirteenth century the Cathedral of St. Mary the Old was built on top of the theatre. Many of the walls of the cathedral contain remains from different eras, some attributable to the theater.

We have been seeing wild peacocks in several of the places we have visited since Morocco.

The flowers match the shorts.

The castle of the Conception or Asdrúbal is a medieval construction of the thirteenth or fourteenth century located on the hill of the same name that rises above Cartagena and its port (Region of Murcia, Spain). This castle is the one that is represented in the shield of the city.

Blue Tile Road.

Foredeck crew in relax mode.

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May 31, 2023

Thanks for the interesting pictures and notes. Andrew, your mother just left after a cup of tea. I couldn't think of any conversation so she had to carry it. Not very inspiring. Wish I had seen these pictures before she came so we could have looked at them together or at least, chat about them. I always love when she comes here but would like to be more entertaining.

A couple of ladies, Barbara Shantz and her daughter, Jasmine Shandra, drove here for lunch yesterday. They took me out for the meal and we had a great conversation. They were here for a couple of hours and then returned to Saint John. I think I was their only r…

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