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S2 Leg 5 - Almerimar Spain

Almerimar is a town and Spanish hamlet belonging to the municipality of El Ejido, in the province of Almería. Its population in 2019 was 8540. The current population center is due to the project of the Urbanization of Almerimar of 1967. It was born under the law of Centers and Areas of National Tourist Interest of 1963 that had as its objective the tourist planning of the territory of the nation and is conceived as a Center of National Tourist Interest. It is a tourist town of sun and beach that has two hotel establishmentsː Hotel Golf Almerimar 5 * and Hotel AR Almerimar 4 *, also has three complexes of Tourist Apartments and second homes. The Marina was very modern with restaurants, shops and chandleries surrounding the marina with a capacity of 1,100 berths. First three nights were 23 Euros and nights 4+ only 19 Euros so this was the perfect hiding spot to hunker down for the big blow that came in the following days. Thankfully we were med moored on the lee side of the dock. This is a popular wintering spot and we met several neighbors who have been there for months.

Happy wife, happy sail. Just another Tuesday.

This whole area of Spain is covered in agriculture grow ops all covered with white "greenhouses". Valencian Community, on the eastern coast, has a climate that permits very diversified agriculture. The biggest fruit production in Valencia, by far, are the citrus species, predominantly oranges. tangerines and lemons, and to a lesser extent grapefruits and bitter oranges. The Valencian Community produces more than 3 million tons of citrus per year, representing 60% of the Spanish citrus production.[5] The subtropical climate found on the coast and low altitude areas, along with the fertile terrain, have filled the Valencian Community with citrus plantations all the way from northern Castellón to southern Alicante. Avocado is also becoming a very important fruit, as it meets the climate and requirements to grow on a large scale. Avocado orchards are being planted quickly and avocado is slowly replacing citrus cultivars as avocado is much more economically viable.

A view of Almerimar from the sky.

Spider pattern cappuccino.

Marina Almerimar

All this for $100 CAD. 1kg beef, 4kg chicken, dozen eggs, French fries, snacks, 8 vino tinto & 2 vino blanca.

Weather planning out our big 110NM overnight hop around the corner and up the Spanish coast to Cartagena May 14th, 2023. Sailing vessel Let Go Let's Go will join us for company and safety.


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