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S2 Leg 3 - Malaga

We arrived after supper on May 7th and parked behind the South African catamaran Let Go Let's Go with Jon & Kirsty and their boys Kai and Jay. This stop is just an overnighter as tomorrow's weather forecast looks perfect to hop to the next port so we walked the waterfront and planned out our next day's sailing plan.

The sail into Malaga started with double reef as we left Gib and as the winds lightened and we shook out the reefs the entire day was a very enjoyable 70NM cruise up the coast line.

Check out all the shipping traffic near the straight.

ODAS station. An ocean data acquisition system (ODAS) is a set of instruments deployed at sea to collect as much meteorological and oceanographic data as possible. With their sensors, these systems deliver data both on the state of the ocean itself and the surrounding lower atmosphere. The use of microelectronics and technologies with efficient energy consumption allows to increase the types and numbers of sensor deployed on a single device.

Each hour, the data gathered by the system is transferred to the WMO's Global Telecommunications System by a geostationary satellite after having gone through a number of quality checks.[2] Real-time data with information on the maritime environment can then be used for forecasts of physical states like weather, ocean currents or wave conditions which, in turn, may serve to warn seafarers of unfavorable conditions in the area.

Welcome to Malaga. We stayed on the SuperYacht dock for a flat rate of 65 Euros. We initially saw this beautiful blue yacht named Aviva when we were in Gibraltar.

Capilla del Puerto de Málaga. This is the Chapel of the Port of Malaga. Erected as an oratory in 1531 further out in the port area, but moved closer inland, brick by brick in 1719 and inaugurated as a chapel a few years later. It was used to say mass for seamen who were often extremely religious due in part to their dangerous profession. It's a very old building and when juxtaposed against the modernity of Malaga Port.

Centre Pompidou Malaga. The art gallery looked cool. Unfortunately we did not have time to go in. The castle is in the background all lit up.

Aviva is a 98-metre (322 ft) length motor yacht. She is the fourth yacht named Aviva built for Bahamas-based British businessman Joe Lewis, (aged 86). Aviva was designed by Reymond Langton, and built by Lemwerder-based German builder Abeking & Rasmussen. She was launched in 2017. Aviva acts as Lewis's floating home and office, and features an indoor, full-sized padel tennis court. According to the Sunday Times Rich List in 2021, Joe Lewis has a net worth of £4.33 billion, an increase of £338 million from 2020. Lewis is majority owner of the Premier League football team Tottenham Hotspur.

Early morning sparing duel with Kai and his brother Jay.


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