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Leg 4 - the tiny port of Ribadeo Spain for a night

Cruising further West along the Northern Spanish coast of the Bay of Biscay. The winds were light so we only had a short window to sail and needed to use both the engines to get us to Ribadeo as the waves were pretty steep in the shipping channel. You know it is going to be rough when the starboard lateral buoy is being totally blasted by the waves.

We saw several fishing boats but no commercial cargo ships.

The forecast was supposed to be a sunny day but ended up being a very hazy day. A redish haze. Later in the journey we noticed a red silt of sand on the decks of the boat. Later to find out that the African Sahara Desert sands have been blowing throughout Spain today. A big job to clean off the boat. The red silt appeared for weeks. Sort of like finding the Christmas tree needles in February.

Red Sahara Desert sand all over. Check out the foot well.

Hmm - Looks like waves on the navigable side of the green lateral buoy. That is just wrong. By the way in Europe, and most of the world except North America & Japan, the green buoys are taken on the starboard side and reds to port when entering the harbour.

We would not recommend anyone else making this a stop along there way.

You can still see the waves at the mouth of the harbour. The following morning was no exception when we left as we motored up and over the large steep waves.

Guarding the water entrance to the town.

The blue sign with a yellow shell points to the direction for those doing the Comino (walk).

Quaint small little town.

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