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Leg 21 - The beautiful Lagos - our first Algarve stop

Stunning shorelines, warm waters, and front row seats to the Sail GC32 world championships to cheer on Team Canada.

According to the history books Lagos Portugal is only 4020 ish years old. Yup that is 2000BC when it was first founded by the Coniians and subsequently occupied by Carthaginians, Romans, barbarians, Muslims and finally reconquered by the Christians in the 13th century. Only 33 thousand residents but a major tourism destination for Europeans with its picturesque shorelines, cliffs, caves and shell laden beaches. This is our favorite anchorage.

The walled old town is lined with narrow cobble stone roads, shops, cafes, restaurants and lots of tourists.

Sedimentary limestone shoreline creates a stunning view from both on land and on the water.

"Happy Beach Day" in our back yard for the week.

Entrance to Castelo de Lagos

The drawbridge crossing Ribeira de Bensafrim.

Picture in Picture

Igreja de Santa Maria de Lagos.

July 15th to 17th Lagos hosted the Sail GC32 world championship foiling catamaran races. So we made sure we were there to watch some of the racing and cheer on

Go Team Canada.


A behind the scenes look at our voyage from Sines to Lagos sailing down the Atlantic coast.

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