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Leg 15 - Peniche - April 10-12 2022

We had some great adventures in Peniche Portugal. Its coordinates: 39°21′N 9°22′W make Peniche the most western city of continental Europe stealing the title from Finistere who claimed their town was at the "end of the world".

There was no room at the tiny marina so we anchored in the harbour behind the breakwater. Thank goodness most of the harbour was behind the breakwater as we had high winds and gusts over 40 knots with the waves crashing into and over the breakwater. We motored into the shore and walked the town.

16th-century seaside fortress & 20th-century prison, today housing Peniche's Museu Municipal.

We were not sure where we could get the dingy docked so left the bikes on board and hoofed our tour of Peniche.

Small grocery run makes us appreciate the saddle bags on the bikes.

Church of Nossa Sra. da Conceição

Peniche has a population of about 27,000. Nice to see some color variations with the homes.


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