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A taste of the cruising life in our own back yard

Sailing the Southwestern shores of Nova Scotia on a cruise week with thirteen other boats from the Shearwater Yacht Club. We had the most spectacular eight days on the water sailing the coastline from Halifax to Lunenburg, home to the Canadian Iconic Bluenose Schooner.

There is nothing that expresses the freedom of nature than sailing up to a sandy beach of an island and dropping the hook, then heading ashore to explore the island. Our first island was Quaker Island in the Mahone Bay. Quaker is but one of 365 islands in the bay which is hard to believe there are really that many islands. Side note is that the infamous treasure laden Oak island lay only a few islands away from Quaker. The water was warm and many of the boaters took advantage of a sunny day in the water. On the south side of the island is a lighthouse and a sea of wild yellow flowers (leave a comment if you know what they are). Beach bonfires at night with all our cruising friends topped off a memorable day on Quaker Island. We highly recommend cruising in the Mahone Bay in Nova Scotia.

Swimming off Backmans Island - water was a warm 25C (77F) - for the Canadian Atlantic.

A sea of wild flowers surround the south side of the island.

The town of Chester is in the background.

Sunset & rum sundowners

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