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Leg 8 - Camariñas Spain

Getting here was an all downwind ride with good winds and boat speeds in the 8-9 knots range. Many times we were sailing faster than our hull speed by surfing down the waves and at one point we hit a top speed of 16.2 kts, our fastest speed so far on 45North. I noticed at 12kts the spray off the bows goes vertical and soaks the rest of the hull. The ride here was awesome.

Camarinas is a beautiful little port town in the north of A Coruna province and if you are doing some coastal exploration in this part of Galicia it is a place well worth seeing. However for us there was no place to bring our dingy ashore so we did not step foot in the town. Too bad as we would have gone for dinner ashore. Overnighted it and in the morning wen washed down the sails that were still all red from the Sahara Desert Storm weeks ago and then we headed off to the next port.

Check out that max speed....

We anchored off the town shore.

Another successful but sporty journey. Cheers to 45North.

A calm morning let us hoist the sails and wash as much red sand off as possible.

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