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Leg 18 – Sesimbra Portugal [sɨˈzĩbɾɐ]

We sailed in on May 1st which marked our one month from initially crossing into Portugal waters. We stayed until the 6th and as always the weather all week was sunny and around 25C each day. We enjoyed a few days on the beach, biking around the boardwalks and our friends Elaine and Duncan spent a morning with us paddle boarding and enjoying lunch onboard 45North. Our first day we attempted to take the dingy to the beach but soon realized that unless there are no waves you do NOT try to put the dingy on the beach. Had to use the shop vac to get most of the sand out that came crashing in with the waves. Even after several cleanings and six weeks later there is still a bit of sand in the bilge that needs another vacuum out.

Our vacation home for a week.

We had a nice 25nm sail which up till the end it was all beach.

First time we have noticed fishing boats that have a working boat hanging off their stern. Must be for helping to set the nets.

49 meter Oosterschelde from the Netherlands (Dutch). She is a three-masted schooner from the Netherlands, built in 1918. She is the largest restored Dutch freightship and the only remaining Dutch three-masted topsail schooner. Her home port is Rotterdam..

Foredeck crew hard at work, after a relaxing sail.

It was 25 degrees (May 2nd) and hardly anybody on the beach today.

Sesimbra reminds us of a mini size Cascais with similar layout, but not as crowded. The people are very friendly and most speak English so getting around in Portugal has been terrific. The Castelo de Sesimbra sits behind the city and high up on the foothills of the Serra da Arrábida, a mountain range between Sesimbra and Setúbal. We looked forward to visiting this Moorish castle but the bike ride up to the top looks ominous and steep. A tourist town with some larger resorts.

"Cool as a cactus".

Praia da California is one of the finest beach resorts in Portugal and is adored by the Portuguese who flock to the region for their holidays, drawn by the pristine beaches, relaxed atmosphere and outstanding seafood restaurants.

Grilled fish for J9 and grilled lamb chops for me.

And right after a big lunch we decide to head up to the Castelo. Can't be that hard on our bikes ....

How much further .....

Janine's e-bike stopped working near the top. There was a family starting their walk down when we got to the top and they were all clapping. Phew!

Yeah - we made it.

The Castle of Sesimbra, also referred to as Castelo dos Mouros.

This Romanesque midievel fortification was constructed around 1200.

Church of Nossa Senhora de Castelo

The bike "glide" down at over 50kms/hr was a blast.

Saw these guys on our way down the hillside. Reminded me of lunch.

Ahhh. And this is our Tuesday.

Still being cautious and keeping our distance from the plague.

Our Nova Scotia (now Portugal residents) drive down from Lisbon to join us for a morning paddle.

Chef Janine and her amazing dish of Scallops and risotto. You are the best.


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